Disparately Dorky Links

Hope you enjoy the links- this time we've got some Emily Dickinson, embroidered portraits, aphids, cork fabric & more.
Knitting, sheep
I saw this on Facebook & the artist wasn't credited, so let me know if you find out who drew this.

Amazing. At first, the documentary sounds like a spoof. A man becomes a turkey mother- cue music & serious yet vague narration. But as the story goes on, it becomes an amazingly engrossing tale of how a man raised a group of wild turkeys. My Life As A Turkey is a moving documentary about a unique man & his interesting birds- yes, wild turkeys are interesting & intelligent. Check it out. It's well worth it.

Fabric made out of cork.

A nice tutorial on proper serger tension.

I hate aphids. I loathe them. They eat my garden. But apparently they're kind of cool. I knew there were different colored aphids, but I didn't know that their color is determined by their changing environment (explains why I'm plagued by different colored aphids different times of the year). But the most amazing thing, is aphids undergo photosynthesis! Yes! They generate their own energy just like a plant does!

According to a recent study, an increase in trees means a decrease in crime. I especially find this interesting as some of the purportedly most crime-ridden areas in Chicago are parks, which I have walked by late at night without hassle- but don't worry, I don't make a habit of it.

Ten water towers converted into homes. I love it! And the picture of the one near the middle/end where the room is white but there's a black thing hanging from the ceiling? I'm pretty sure that's a fireplace.

The Cookie Monster's cookie recipe. I would be curled up in a ball if I ate these because of my food allergies, but I love the Cookie Monster. My friends & I have been known to sing his song. Yes, I'm proud of my ability to do a decent Cookie Monster impression. “C is for coookie! It's good enough for me! OOOOOOHH! C is for cookie! It's good enough for me! OH! Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!!!!!!” it must be sung with exclamation points.

I'm not sure I'd be up for all that plain garter stitching, but I really like the look of this hoodie knitting pattern. It reminds me of the hoodies I made some months back. Plus, the name 'Rock & Purl' is kind of great.

An English to English translation of Emily Dickinson's poems.

This is the perfect mat to have at your front door: Keys, Phone, Wallet. I'm going to learn weaving & this wil have to be one of the first things I make, after I learn how to change colors.

The mystery of brain freeze has been solved & dilating blod vessels are to blame.

Artist Cayce Zavaglia makes beautiful & realistic portraits using hand embroidery.