A red top for the new year

My first project of 2013 was conceived, cut & sewn all on New Year's Day.

McCall's 6288 raglan t-shirt

The pattern is McCall's 6288. I made it up once last year when I spent hours tweaking the fit to be smooth over my swayback.

Side of McCall's 6288

This was a good lesson in how fabric affects fit. My first version was done in 4-way stretch jersey (stretches horizontally & vertically). All my adjustments were based on using 4-way stretch fabric, This version is in 2-way stretch (stretches horizontally). Because the red fabric does not stretch vertically, the back does not lie as smoothly.

Back of MCCall's 6288

Speaking of the fabric, it is polyester with a touch of linen. While I usually try to buy fabrics mostly made of natural fibers, I was just too curious about using a jersey containing linen. It is surprisingly nice- not quite so wiggly & difficult to cut out as some thin jerseys can be. Most importantly it feels good on- i.e. not like I'm wearing a bunch of plastic.

Button detail on raglan t-shirt

Did you see the buttons? I stole the idea was inspired by Cation Designs' raglan T.



14 thoughts on “A red top for the new year

  1. The shirt is design is lovely.Not sure if this is what is causing the wrinkles in your case but I just learned recently that the quality of knit can affect the fit. To test this, you can stretch the knit. If it recovers quickly it is good quality. If it is slow to recover then you will have some problems because the knit will stretch out over time with wear and affect the fit.

  2. Kudos! I think the fit looks fine. Better than RTW. Sewing with knits scares the monkeys outta me so I’m terribly impressed. And Cation Designs is a saucy minx with awesome ideas.

  3. Well done-that colour goes well with your complexion. With tees (and other fairly closely fitting things) I’d suggest making a ‘sloper’ by tracing off a similar rtw (previously made) item that fits well and just lay that over the pattern to see where it needs to be changed. I too have a short back and that method works out alright for me. As you said the level of stretch will make a difference, as will the drape but over time you’ll get the hang of what/ where to adjust. Obviously that path will be littered with a few bloopers XD

    • I made so many adjustments that the pattern I used has become a sloper. It’s just I had only used it with 4-way stretch fabric before, so didn’t realize how big of a different it would make to use it with a less drapey 2-way stretch. But that’s a good idea to compare things to RTW tops.

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