The Perfect Sci-Fi Cap

Never before have I worn a hat that made me feel like so many things at once.

It’s probably the green color, but it feels more turban-like than the vaguely 20’s cloche it’s supposed to be. This disappointed me when I first tried it on. Then I realized it was the most awesome, perfect sci-fi cap.

While you’re supposed to wear the ruched part off to the side, I think if you put it to the front it gives off more of a Worf vibe- if his mother had been one of those green aliens.

And of course, because it is green, it makes me think of Yoda.

I don’t think Yoda appreciates my impression of him. See, my hands are supposed to be his ears.

The pattern is the Corrugated Cloche by Sara Morris from knit.wear spring 2012. It’s a fast & easy knit that can be finished in a day. The ruching- achieved by picking up stitches from rows below- helps keep things interesting. Just be sure to make the smaller size. Everyone on Ravelry is correct- the size small for a 20″ heads fits loosely on a 22″ head like mine.

I’m usually an overly cautious person, but it was so pretty on this freak 60F January day the I had to go play on the ice floes like a penguin.
Of course one of my feet went through the ice, but I was purposefully walking in a really shallow area so I was fine. Still, that seemed like a good excuse to stop pretending like I had flippers & insulating feathers.

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