The Kindness of Other Bloggers

I’m very gratified & flattered to have been nominated for blog awards twice at the end of January. The first one was by Pella from Pattern Pandemonium. The second was by Em from Tumbleweeds In The Wind. Actually, I received my first blog award nomination in the fall from a non-sewing blog, but was so busy with Frosting Fortnight I forgot to post about it!very-inspiring-blogger-award-2

Now on with the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Add the The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.
3. Share 7 things about yourself.
4. Pass the award on to other bloggers that inspire you.
5. Include the rules.
6. Inform your nominees.

Seven things about myself:

  1. I am a truly self-taught sewist, at least I was in the beginning. My mom wanted to keep me occupied & I wanted to make clothing for my stuffed animals. She plunked her old, all metal Bernina down in front of me- the kind of machine that can squash an elementary school kid!- showed me how to turn it on, tried to remember what some of the knobs did & let me have at it. I set about making clothing without patterns by looking at RTW. Shirts were pretty easy, but pants were tricky. Crotches confounded me! Until I figured out I could sew a tube, then sew up & down a bajillion times down the center, snip up to where I wanted the crotch to be & voila, pants! They were very ugly, but they served my purposed well & I like to think that I’ve carried that can-do, improvisational spirit on with me today. I’m sorry if my early sewing skills make you cringe. 
  2. Until about just over a year ago I had never used a commercial pattern (except for one really bad experience during high school). Everything I made before that was something I had drafted/draped on myself (without a dress form) or tried to copy from a RTW garment & it generally took a really long time. Using patterns helped my sewing skills grow tremendously as I was better able to understand how patterns went together & picked up some good sewing tips. Around the same time was when I discovered the online sewing community- it never occurred to me in all the years I had been sewing that there would be people talking about these kinds of things online. I owe a lot of my knowledge to the many great sewing blogs out there.
  3. I went the the School of the Art Institute of Chicago & studied studio art with an emphasis (minor) in art history. I had an interdisciplinary researched based practice, which is art speak for researching topics you find interesting & making art based upon what you find out while using a bunch of different media like writing, performance, sculpture & chocolate! But, after graduating I ended up working seven days a week so fell out of the habit of making art. I really miss it! But I just got a new camera so I’m hoping to slowly get back into things.
  4. I’ve made poisonous chocolate. No one ate it, so no one ever got sick. It was a piece I did on hysteria, the 3,000 year old “disease” of the uterus. And my chocolate truffles were cures for the disease, incorporating things that had been used in the treatment of the illness over those 3,000 years- things like ambergris (synthetic) & hemlock. Hemlock stops convulsion you know… They really smelled. And the essential oils I used liked to eat through plastic. By the by, vibrators were invented as a cure for hysteria- the hysterical paroxysms they induced were thought to help treat the disease. 
  5. I used to want to start a chocolate company, but then I got sick & had to stop making chocolate because I couldn’t eat sugar, well, no more than 60g of carbs a day. That’ll put a dent in your chocolate addiction. And I’d make chocolates to go along with fairy tales, with different ingredients representing different parts of the story- non-figurative/literal translations that is. It was very fun.
  6. I LOVE architecture & design. Total design snob & I would deck out my apartment in fantastical contemporary furnishings if I could. One of my favorite designers is Tord Boontje because, as I wrote in my art history thesis, he reconciles the difference between early modernism (late 1800’s, minimal by the standards of the day but very frilly by today’s standards) with the extremely minimal & machine made modernism in the contemporary art world. My absolute favorite architect is Frank Lloyd Wright (there’s more than one reason I live in Chicago) & I used to work at one of his most important buildings, Unity Temple. If you’re ever in town, see the Temple- it’s much more important historically speaking than the Home & Studio. I hate William Morris & am completely underwhelmed by the one-hit-wonder known as Mies Van der Rohe. Enough said.

    The first concrete building that wasn’t a factory. Truly revolutionary for the early 1900’s.
  7. I used to belly dance & even performed four or five times. One of my best friends & I had super long hair- down to our butts long. We would have “hair fights” while we danced. I can’t tell you how fun it is to whip your hair around & pretend it’s a weapon. Just trust me on this one. It looked really spectacular. But, like most everything else, I didn’t have the time or ability to continue once I graduated from college. One day though, I will get back to it. But I probably won’t grow my hair that long again. Also, it’s really convenient living in a city with a large Indian population when it comes to getting costume fabrics.

    This was a really fun costume to make- swarovsky crystals, hand beading & all!

Bloggers that inspire me:

I really had to narrow this list down. At first it had over a dozen blogs on it. Then I eliminated ones that had already gotten blog awards in the past few months & focused on blogs that I had recently discovered.

But really I feel like I should be thanking everyone. As I already mentioned, the online sewing community has taught me a lot & given me so much support. Thank you my fellow bloggers! And thank you Pella & Em!


5 thoughts on “The Kindness of Other Bloggers

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Mari! Your own blog is fascinating and I’ve spent some time exploring it: which is (of course) the mark of a good blog. Well done!

  2. Thanks for the award Mari! I’ve very impressed by your journey into sewing, I think I couldn’t be more different than you in a way: improvisation is something I actually dread 🙂 and wow belly dancing and hair fights! completely crazy 🙂

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  4. The work that Tord Boontje makes really combine the colors wirh the classical lines and a modern inspiration, that gives each room a very classy and refined look. It reminds me the pieces that Brabbu presents. I suggest you check it out.

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