My First Bralette

I made this way back in October, when I began my bra making odyssey.

The recent acquisition of a dress form helped make it much easier to take photos & get all the detail shots I wanted.

As I was mentally composing a blog post concerning my new dress form, the name Esmerelda popped into my head. So, my lovely teal lady, I dub thee Esmerelda. She has quite a different bust from mine, so this Bralette does look a tad different on me.

The construction is very simple. I cut out two pattern pieces in bra foam for each cup & sewed them up the middle. Then, I wrapped some lace elastic around my rib cage & sewed the ends together. After pin fitting the cups to the band I sewed those. together. Finally, I cut my remaining piece of elastic in two & pin fit that to the band & cups. In order to get the sides of the cups to stay secure, I attached the straps along the sides of the cups & anchored them into the front of the band. Because there are no closures, this pulls on & off over my head.

The tops of the cups are still a little stretched out even after I cut off the parts that had stretched the most.

The main difficulty was in sewing the foam cups together. Pretty much any sewing would cause the foam to s-t-r-e-t-c-h. I had wanted to finish the tops of the cups with a zig zag stitch, but that ruffled them out much too much. Ship, snip, snip. So, they're much lower than I had originally planned. I was also afraid my serger would stretch them out too much if I attempted a narrow rolled hem. Now I have cups that clearly look unfinished, but I'm ok with it because I think of this bralette as a muslin. Anyway, it's not like masses of people will be seeing this thing in person.

As for wearability, this gives absolutely no support. To be honest, while I love how bras look, when I get home I rip mine off. Most make my back hurt. I really was hoping to make something that would give just a touch of support without straining my back for traipsing around the house. Bit of a failure, but a good first start I think. Besides, it's pretty…



3 thoughts on “My First Bralette

  1. Well, I think it’s beautiful! And good idea to treat it like a muslin– doing test runs for garments in stretch fabrics is one of my biggest challenges right now (along with figuring out how to line them). Maybe I’ll try a bra– I have trouble with uncomfortable bras too.

    • Yes, thinking of it as a muslin made all of the little mistakes feel OK. It’s so easy to want to skip muslins on stretchier fabrics, but I’ve never regretted it when I’ve made one. As for bras, I’ve found that a wide bra band offers more support & is a lot more comfortable.

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