A Handspun Cowl

Just a few days after spinning this yarn I knit it into a cowl.


I improvised a seed stitch pattern & a touch of lace at the edges.

The dress form I received for Christmas!
The dress form I received for Christmas!

It’s long enough to double up around my neck.

Detail of Handspun Cowl

The cowl is so so warm & cozy. During Chicago winters scarves are extremely important. They’re like the caulk that protects your body from any wind finding its way in through the top of your jacket. So I’ve been wearing this almost every day.

The color really changes depending on the light- more so than any other fabric or yarn I can think of. Sometimes it looks like a rich brown & others it looks completely gray. I’ve grown to really like each of the different colors it becomes.


6 thoughts on “A Handspun Cowl

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  2. Love the cowl and the yarn is beautiful. I am sure it helps keep you warm. I remember winter in IL….icecicles hanging from my hair….oh, wait. That was at the bus stop when I hadn’t dried my just-washed-hair.

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