The Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap

I'm flying high over Chicago on my way to Peru. To get there, I'll need my Amelia Earhart aviator cap. That's pronounced EAR-hart, not Ehr-hart. I suspect the cutesy-ness of the pronunciation shall endear me to my fellow pilots in the sky while I'm inspecting the Nazca Lines.

Knit hat
Flying over the city without an aircraft. (Soon I'll blog about the skirt I'm wearing)

First, they'll be shocked to see a woman flying solo, as in all by herself without a plane. But then, they'll become enamored with my hat & let me dock aboard their planes midflight to refuel. You see, the hat imbues the wearer with superpowers, the ability to fly like Superman & to charm everyone's socks off.

Knit hat

This hat has a very interesting construction. It's knit flat, almost entirely with big short rows. It was fun knitting & trying to figure out what exactly I was making. I kept thinking I was knitting a different part of the hat than I actually was.

Knit hat

The pattern, which is provided free by Flor was very explicit, to the point of redundancy, but I rather liked that as I hadn't worked short rows in some months. It was a nice refresher. And to top it all off, this baby is reversible!

Knit hat

The hat comes together with one seam up the back, which I of course accidentally sewed up the wrong way the first time.

Knit hat
Oh for shame! My gauge grew as I knit this hat. You can see the bigger stitches on the left side.

I'm really pleased with my hat, even though my gauge grew by the end of it (I seem to be having that problem with all my projects lately). But I don't think it's very noticeable.

Now if only I had aviator goggles to go with my hat. Perhaps I'll find some in a thrift shop & start a Super Aviator Club. I do know one pilot who would look cute in this cap.



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