Ice Cream Social Tiramisu Dress

I finished this dress the other week so I could wear it to an ice cream social & get cute pictures. Alas, the lighting & Q’s camera phone did not get along. But now I have much less noisy images to show you. Let’s just pretend I’m posing all cute with a scoop of ice cream in one hand.

The tall building with the antennae to the right of my glasses is the Hancock. The tallest building on the far right is the Sears Tower. I refuse to call it Willis tower. Please look at the far off buildings instead of my accidentally flipped up sleeve trim!

Shortly after I found out I’d be getting to test sew the Tiramisu pattern I ran across this ice cream jersey & knew I HAD to use it for this dress. I even thought I might use it for the entire dress. But then I remembered the name of the company, Cake Patterns. Wearable, everyday basics. I might be tempted to wear a really loud dress with ice cream cones shooting off in all directions (like how the striped version of the dress forms big chevrons), but knew I’d get more use out of it if I kept things somewhat conservative. A band of ice cream cones around your torso is more office friendly than an explosion of ice cream cones.

If you’re interested in the ice cream fabric, it looks like Girl Charlee only has a half yard left. Months ago I saw it on other online fabric sites, but they were more expensive. Besides, if you’re only going to use it as an accent fabric a half yard should be enough. But note that it is very thin. I had to underline the midriff with white jersey.

Less than a yard of 78 wide fabric, but I managed to get everything for the Tiramisu dress cut out (except for the midriff) as well as a pair of Rosy Ladyshorts.

As for my main fabric, it’s a lovely, thin to medium weight double knit modal. Because it’s modal it’s drapey, but being double knit it wasn’t as finicky to work with. A very nice compromise. I got this lovely fabric from FabricMart, a site I adore. But for the first time ever they disappointed me. I had ordered a yard, but for long stretches the fabric was less than a yard long. It had been cut unevenly & was as short as 32″ in some places. There was even a run on one side! But because the fabric was 78″ wide, I was just able to squeeze in the rest of my dress pieces- and the pattern called for 2-1/2 yds! My cutting layout was tweaked even further so I could fit a pair of Rosy Ladyshorts on the fabric. Getting the cutting layout just right took a long time, but I’m glad I squeezed every last inch out of that fabric. It’s so soft.

I won’t go into many fit or construction details since I already covered most of those in my previous post about my Tiramisu muslin turned t-shirt. The only difference between making the shirt & the dress was that I needed to take more ease out of the midriff. I suspect this has to do with the weight of the skirt pulling the midriff down- you know like when you pull saran wrap taut so it doesn’t sag down. I think extra weight pulling the midriff meant the fabric was not loose enough to conform to my figure.

The back midriff gets bunched up when your hands are in your pockets. Otherwise it’s nice & smooth.

One final fit note. I didn’t correctly diagnose the problem of extra fabric under my breasts on my t-shirt because the chevron print was too distracting. And of course I didn’t realize what was going on until after I serged the seams on this dress- the gathers start too far to the sides if you’re a younger lady who hasn’t breast fed. So bear your breasts in mind while sewing.

Thanks Steph for letting me try out your pattern! It’s very nice having such a comfortable surplice dress that doesn’t gape open & expose me for all the world to see. And who doesn’t like pockets? These are just the right depth.

It was windy & a little difficult to keep the skirt down. I’m guessing this means the dress will be perfect for twirling about while dancing.

17 thoughts on “Ice Cream Social Tiramisu Dress

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  2. Good to know about the gathers!
    I’m hoping to whip up my muslin today.
    Love your dress. It is super cute! I think the ice cream midriff is a great touch!

    • Thank you! I’d recommend muslining the top of the dress & pulling it down a little the simulate the weight of the skirt- I suppose you could even pin a skirt you already own to it if you really wanted to better simulate how the final product will look. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  3. Good to know about the uneven cutting. I like to cut frugally too. I’ll watch out for that if I order from them- nice deals. That is one fun dress– I’d love to test drive for them!

  4. great choice of fabric, I really like the contrasting midriff! I had the same problem with gathers starting too far aside, fortunately I had seen it in the muslin stage and was able to reduce the length of gathering

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