2012, The Year of Making Things

  • 49 items sewn
  • 14 sewing projects started but not completed (not including ones I muslined but never cut into the fashion fabric)
  • 12 knitting & crocheted projects completed
  • 3 knitting projects started but not completed

A record breaking year for myself. My sewing skills have dramatically improved over the last few years (in particular this year) as I started reading sewing blogs & following patterns. Stepping down from working seven days a week to part time really helped too.

But before I go further, a little info on my numbers. These are just the projects I’ve kept track of. I’m certain there are a few more out there that have not been accounted for. Many of these have not been blogged about either- I didn’t start my blog until February & as you probably know I haven’t been doing the best of jobs posting about all my creations. That being said, 22% of my sewing projects became UFOs while approximately 13% of my knitting projects are currently UFOs (I’m not counting one I started a few days ago as I’m 99% sure it will not end up a UFO). Must do better on actually finishing things.

Top 12 of 2012 (In roughly chronological order, it’s a miracle I narrowed it down this far)

  • Eames Dress– I love design & having a dress with chairs designed by Charles & Ray Eames just puts a smile on my face
  • Flying Foxes Twirl Skirt– it’s bright & it twirls, oh & it has bunnies riding bicycles
  • Mad Men Dress– another twirling skirt, love the color
  • my Sketchbook– wrote & sketched in it nonstop
  • The Ironic Boxer Knitting Hoodie– so pretty & trimmed in ribbon depicting hand knitting diagrams, but I’m heartbroken the fabric got splotchy stains in the wash- this is a must remake
  • Biking Capris– patterned them myself & made my first gusset!
  • Veggie Dirndl Dress– vegetables, twirling, built in bra, the end
  • 1912 Corset Cover Becomes a Modern Wrap– my favorite color of the year and very flattering
  • Hedgehog Socks– cute & comfy
  • Handspun Cowl- soooo warm, besides how could I it like it when I spun the yarn myself
  • Gray Gingham Circle Skirt- twirls away a drab winter wardrobe
  • Twist on the Beach Pullover- excellent design, wear it twisted around your neck or loose & hanging

The 9 Saddest & Loneliest Creations (In roughly chronological order)

  • Criss-Cross Circle Skirt– the pocket pokes out funny & if there’s the littlest bit of water on the ground the hem gets soaked in an instant
  • Bob Marley Bag– I was in the mood for upcycling experimentation, but the bag is not entirely my style & the strap is much too long
  • Hill Billy Hot Dogs Bag- received a t-shirt for X-mas last year as a gag gift & being at a loss as to what to do with it I decided to continue my up cycling experiments
  • 1912 Scalloped Skirt– I sewed on the wrong snaps so they would always pop open, the skirt really needs to be lined even though the pattern didn’t call for it
  • 1912 Corset Cover– I used muslin so of course this isn’t a top I can really wear a lot
  • Busty Bunnies Dress– I made the egregious error of lining this in cheap poly so now it’s much to warm to wear during the summer
  • Brown & White Reversible Swirl Skirt– an unfortunate stain removing incident ruined the white side of this skirt
  • Gray Sports Top– it just wasn’t well made
  • Kilmeni Socks– much too tight at the top & they keep falling down.

All in all a good year for making things. I started this blog, for months kept up with making at least one new thing every week, worked with fabulous ladies around the world on the 1912 project, met other great bloggers not only virtually but in person, ran Frosting Fornight, learned basic glass blowing, & I’m currently working on a secret long term project that I’m very excited about. To top it off I had a very fiberful X-mas with a dress form, support spindle & rigid heddle loom chief among my presents- I’m a pretty lucky person. I also learned many new sewing & knitting techniques as well as figuring some out on my own. And very importantly, I learned that I can make a big difference in my day-to-day mood if I always wear the things I make.

2012 was a tough year, but crafting & blogging pulled me through. I’m so grateful for having started this blog; it’s kept me making things on a regular basis & has introduced me to so many wonderful people. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my blog & comment. Hope to see you in 2013. Have a fabulous new year!


6 thoughts on “2012, The Year of Making Things

  1. Wow! That’s a lot to accomplish in a year! Good job! The amount of finished knitwear alone is impressive. I’ve only been following your blog for the last half of the year but I have really appreciated your posts on clothing and mood and foundational garments.
    Can’t wait to see what you do in the new year!

    • Aw thanks so much! I was just working on a foundation garment post last night. My amount of knitted projects has skyrocketed recently as I’ve taken to knitting on the train. Thanks so much for all your comments this year- it’s been a pleasure to read them!

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