People Who Don’t Sew

We stitchers fancy ourselves a creative lot. We play with colors, shapes, textures, materials. Along the way we might improvise new techniques for making a placket or sewing a button without a buttonhole foot. But my friends we are not the only ones who can get creative with sewing paraphernalia & terminology.

Exhibit A: a iron, sausage. Yes, someone really did this. I wish I knew how this bit of craziness happened. I’m also a little worried about the grease that is surely dripping into the holes where steam is supposed to come out.

Exhibit B: my boyfriend Q. Weeks ago I asked you all for your thoughts on zippered tops & explained why I am irrationally averse to them. In my poll of your shirt/zipper sewing habits I included an option for bias cut tops. (61.29% zippered tops, 32.26 non-zippered tops, 0% bias cut tops)

When talking with Q about the post he asked, “What’s bias cut mean? Bias to the titties?” After many minutes of uncontrollable laughter I explained how it did not mean that, but it can be useful if you don’t want to put in a zipper because the fabric with sort of “stretch/distort” out of shape when you’re putting it on & then suck back in a little to follow your figure. He responded, “So if DOES mean biased to the titties.”

Oh readers, I am at a loss for words. Do you have any non-sewer related sewing anecdotes?


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