Hedgehog Socks

Socks, knitting, hedgehog

I finished these back in September, so of course I'm only blogging about them now. Do you have a backlog of projects to share or are you super conscientious & always post right away?

These are my second complete pair of socks & like the first ones I knit them toe up. While I'm pleased with them, they were not without their difficulties. The lattice pattern I used for the feet & legs was very rough on my hands, so I kept loosening my gauge. This made the knitting process much more enjoyable, but now one sock is a wee bit looser than the other, so is prone to falling down, like in this picture.

Socks, knitting, hedgehog

This was also my first time doing a moccasin, or square, toe (see the little band wrapping around the toes). While I knew a short row toe would look better with the design I was so eager to try out a new technique that I did it anyway. I am content with that decision.

Socks, knitting, hedgehog

The little hedgehogs you see were embroidered on after I finished everything else. I didn't use a pattern or reference picture, so I'm afraid they don't look much like hedgehogs- someone even said they look like buffalo! But the spiky look of the lattice pattern made me want some hedgehogs on my feet. Someone else said the one looks like a porcupine. I'm not sure how different real hedgehogs & porcupines look, other than I think porcupines are bigger & have more prominent quills. Do you know?

Socks, knitting, hedgehog



13 thoughts on “Hedgehog Socks

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  5. What cute socks, I knit but haven’t tackled socks. I usually post when I complete something. But, then I have somewhere around 6 projects going at once so getting something in its entirety is cause of celebration.

    • Not sure I’ll ever finish all my UFO’S, so it really feels like an accomplishment when I finally finish something. But, I hate taking & editing all the photos. That’s the thing that usually trips me up.

  6. I’m totally like you with a huge pile of stuff to blog about: I knit / see much faster than I blog apparently! Your socks are really cute, I find the moccasin toe to be very comfy..

    • Good to know there are other slow bloggers out there! I’m amazed at how frequently some people can post. The toes are comfy. One day I’d like to continue the band on moccasin toes up as a little cable.

      • Hey a little cable would be great! I’m curious to see what it would look like! My main problem with blogging in time is actually taking photos 🙂

  7. Ugh!! Just have not been able to get into my fall/winter crochet mood yet. Last winter I had tons of things I wanted to do and no time, this year I have time and nothing I want to do :-p

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