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Hedgehog Socks

Socks, knitting, hedgehog

I finished these back in September, so of course I'm only blogging about them now. Do you have a backlog of projects to share or are you super conscientious & always post right away?

These are my second complete pair of socks & like the first ones I knit them toe up. While I'm pleased with them, they were not without their difficulties. The lattice pattern I used for the feet & legs was very rough on my hands, so I kept loosening my gauge. This made the knitting process much more enjoyable, but now one sock is a wee bit looser than the other, so is prone to falling down, like in this picture.

Socks, knitting, hedgehog

This was also my first time doing a moccasin, or square, toe (see the little band wrapping around the toes). While I knew a short row toe would look better with the design I was so eager to try out a new technique that I did it anyway. I am content with that decision.

Socks, knitting, hedgehog

The little hedgehogs you see were embroidered on after I finished everything else. I didn't use a pattern or reference picture, so I'm afraid they don't look much like hedgehogs- someone even said they look like buffalo! But the spiky look of the lattice pattern made me want some hedgehogs on my feet. Someone else said the one looks like a porcupine. I'm not sure how different real hedgehogs & porcupines look, other than I think porcupines are bigger & have more prominent quills. Do you know?

Socks, knitting, hedgehog



13 thoughts on “Hedgehog Socks

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  5. I’m totally like you with a huge pile of stuff to blog about: I knit / see much faster than I blog apparently! Your socks are really cute, I find the moccasin toe to be very comfy..

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