Gaming While Crafting

Hi all. Don’t you just love being geeky? No? Not all of you? I think you’ll appreciate this anyway.

Back in the 80’s Nintendo played around with new ideas for accessories for their gaming consoles. The best one ever that most unfortunately never got made was the Nintendo Knitting Machine. I want this so badly I can’t express to you how much.

For more info, click here.

Next up is a sewing machine that was a front runner for our modern computerized home sewing machines, except its computer was detachable.

Jaguar JN-2000 [via]

Oh yes, a sewing machine that runs with a Gameboy. In 2000 a prominent Japanese sewing machine company, Jaguar, released the Jaguar JN-100. One year later they released a special cable that allowed uses to hook up their machine with a color Gameboy & choose embroidery designs from the Mario Family “game”. Users could even change the color of the designs & string up three in a row for a repeating pattern, which is a lot more than my new sewing/embroidery machine can do. Jaguar later released an updated model with an embroidery carriage & built-in holder for the Gameboy, the JN-2000.

But my dearies, what you really want to know is can you get your hands on an amazing sewing machine/Gameboy system. No worries. An international model was released in the form of the Singer Izek, unfortunately discontinued in 2006. You’ll have to scour ebay & craigslist, but I’m sure if you’re dedicated you’ll be able to find one used. It may be worth it- the machine got excellent reviews on Amazon.

Singer Izek [via]
For more history on the Jaguar & Singer Izek, check out this site. And below is a video showing off many of the Mario Family designs you could make with this system.


17 thoughts on “Gaming While Crafting

  1. *sigh* this tab has been open for 3 days while I tried to find the link I had (2 years ago, on another laptop that perished since, in a flood shockingly) to this girl’s blog where she’d hacked a 80s knitting machine to be hooked up to a controller (she was using an antique floppy disk computer) and she got it to knit cool images (which she first converted to 8-bit bmp files-like big pixels) like the Supermario mushroom and other stuff. I had a whole buncha links related to this sorta stuff because I mean to (eventually) get a knitting machine and have at it.. They stopped selling knitting machines here in the 90s because the market’s too small. The next time visit the UK it’s gonna be superknittingmachinetime..

  2. I am a child of the 80s, and former Nintendo junkie. These are the most amazing machines EVER. The marriage of a game boy and a sewing machine is one made in heaven. Thanks for sharing this! Im going to have to show it to my friends

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