Knitting Pattern Fundraising for Hurricane Sandy

Hi all. It’s nice to back posting after my little mini-break following Frosting Fortnight.

But as you know all is not peaches & cream on the US northeast coast. So many days latter there are still thousands living without power (including a good friend’s grandparents), despite some very hard work by power company employees. In Brooklyn, where my best friend lives, people had to wait in a six block line to catch a bus to Manhattan.

If you knit or are interested in learning how to knit I encourage you to purchase a pattern from one of the links below. All of the proceeds from the below patterns will be donated to the Red Cross.

  • Chrissy Gardiner is donating a portion of proceeds from her Hurricane Socks.She has already raised several hundred dollars for the Red Cross Relief fund since the hurricanes that hit the US in 2008.

    Hurricane Socks by Chrissy Gardiner
  • Melissa of Caston4u is donating all proceeds for the month of November from all of her patterns. There are over a dozen designs to choose from on her Ravelry page.

    Tabitha Set by Melissa Hahn

I find it interesting that a quick online search didn’t show any charity sewing patterns for the hurricane. I don’t think we stitchers are less generous than knitters, but sewing just doesn’t have the same history with charity work.

Back during World War II there was a big charity knitting effort to send the boys in blue some hand knitted comfort while they were on the battle lines. Maybe the focus was on knitting over sewing because there was a large fabric shortage on the home front? I’m just guessing here, but I’m imagining that the cost of yarn remained roughly the same while fabric grew scarce & more expensive. The army didn’t need to order yarn while it did have to make the fabric mills switch to producing more uniform fabric, leaving less materials & time to make prettier dress fabrics. Does anyone know about this?

Stay safe & warm everyone.


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