Frosting Fortnight Wrap Up

Well folks, Frosting Fortnight has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed these past two weeks. It was a lot of fun seeing people’s outfits & reading your comments- you were really inspiring! And boy was it a challenge wearing things I don’t normally wear for two whole weeks, but it was a refreshing change from my usual go-to garments.

While it felt like a long time, two weeks just wasn’t enough to talk about everything we would have liked to. Steph has been toiling away getting Cake Patterns up & running, so some of her Frosting Fortnight posts are still on their way. Stay tuned to her blog- they’re going to be good. As for me, the sequel to my Lazy Laundress post will go up in the coming week.

And if you missed any of the posts, visit the Frosting Fortnight page (link also at the top of the screen).

Now for a big huzzah! These are some of my favorite photos from the Flickr group. Thanks to these lovely ladies for playing along with me during Frosting Fortnight!

Fjorlief made a kickass lace top that spices things up just right.
Fjorlief does it again in her fantastic Nomad outfit.
Strawberries are my favorite fruit & Tempest Devyne looks fabulous in her super adorable outfit.
Leila brought out the lace for Frosting Fortnight too.
Leila dressed up as a real 1912 lady for a jaunt to the park with Spiderman.
Steph played the hambone in her self-drafted outfit.
I danced it up at a concert in my bat wing dress.

2 thoughts on “Frosting Fortnight Wrap Up

  1. What a fun idea this was and a great way to bring the sewing community together. Thanks for all your effort.

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