Vintage Halloween Costumes

Halloween seems to be the ultimate day of frosting. Here are some vintage photos to keep the Halloween spirit alive if you’ve already celebrated & to inspire you if you’re celebrating next weekend.

A woman in roller skates & a mask from 1910 [via].
Another costumed woman from 1910 [via].

It must have been a difficult night for this man. [via]
Early vegetable dress! [via]
I think I’m going to have to go as this some year. [via]
This woman is too cute! [via]

A man in Paris, 1865 [via].
This is just adorable [via].

This man has the perfect expression on his face [via].
Germany, 1920 [via].
Check out yesterday’s post if you missed it. Steph gave good tips for using quilting cotton in your wardrobe.


16 thoughts on “Vintage Halloween Costumes

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  2. I don’t know but they are going to send me photos from the game wearing those outfits and sunglasses. They picked up the outfits today and were so excited like little boys!

  3. This is awesome, Mari! I laughed and laughed and laughed, that chicken man’s face shows such a deep devotion to irony… The stately posture… Dear me.. Thank you for that….

    And also… He must have put so much thought into the bacon costume. Designed, executed.. I wonder what he did for a day job, if he had a dark sense of humor… Wonderful.

  4. Love the old pictures and seeing how inventive they were. Lots of inspiration for upcoming costumes. I see mushrooms in my future!

  5. Too weird! The side of bacon, the rooster, the telephone heads… can’t decide which one is the strangest. Thanks for sharing… I”ve never seen any of these images before… never even thought about what people dressed up for on Halloween in the past.

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