The Ultimate Frosting: Edible Garments

What glorious decadence! My best friend & I have wanted to swim in a pool of chocolate for years (go ahead, just imagine yourself doing it). Wearing a dress made with chocolate seems a bit more attainable.

Of the different types of edible garments out there, it seems like the vast majority are created with chocolate, probably because it’s so moldable. There are even a few different annual chocolate fashion shows with truly fantastical creations (think live birds in a chocolate cage-like skirt).

The thing about chocolate though is it’s an aphrodisiac & garments made of the food tend to be sexually charged. A look at the Salon du Chocolat’s annual chocolate fashion show makes this clear. Corsets, bustiers, short short skirts. Most of this stuff is pretty revealing & some of it even seems a bit tacky (pointy chocolate bras with red nipples). Other outfits hit a sweet spot (pun intended) & are a nice mix of flirty & fun without being trashy.

Dresses made of cake are much less revealing & more bulky- probably because you can’t mold or paint cake like you can chocolate. With the weight of the cake itself & supporting structures they must be really heavy too! I just I wish I knew how a all these talented chefs & designers kept all the chocolate & frosting from melting.

For more pictures & details on sweet & edible dresses, check out my Pinterest board throughout the week. And if you didn’t see it yesterday, make sure you read Laura’s post, You Say Frosting, I Say Cake.

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5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Frosting: Edible Garments

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  2. Mari, I love that you put the possibility that edible chocolate clothing need *not* be tacky into my head! hahaha! Very entertaining.

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