You say Frosting, I say Cake

Welcome to the party! So glad you could make it here to Frosting Fortnight. Steph & I have to dash into the kitchen & finish cooking up our first dessert (come back tomorrow for a tasty treat). In the meantime, let our wonderful guest Laura entertain you. She’s as close as you can get to a frosting expert & is sure to start converting you to the frosting lifestyle. No doubt you’ve read her blog, Lilacs & Lace, or seen her on The Sew Weekly. She’s incredibly talented & has a great vintage style- lots of chic 50’s glamour with bits of whimsical fun thrown in. Click on most of the photos to read more about her dresses. Enjoy!

Everyone is getting on the Cake bandwagon these days; forget the Frosting, and make something you will actually wear! Now, in many ways, that makes a whole lot of sense. And I have been adding my fair share of separates to the wardrobe this year that could easily be categorized as Cake. But since the Frosting is so much fun to sew and wear, why not redefine Frosting instead of eliminating it altogether? Or, at the least, rethink what Frosting means to you.

Red Gingham Dress

Everyone has their own level of comfort with dressy outfits. Personally, I have absolutely no qualms about wearing a cocktail dress to work. But if you never wear anything but pants, try making a pair in a delicious fabric or line your next pair with silk. Make a simple blouse or skirt, but use a brightly colored fabric to add an element of frosting to that bit of cake.

blouse, skirt
Raspberry Lemonade

And don’t forget how easy it is to dress down a garment or outfit. So go right ahead and start that fancy project. And make sure to wear it!

Change out your jewelry, hairstyle, and shoes, and that elegant frock suddenly does not look quite so formal. Did you make something strapless or too revealing for daytime? Simply add a cardigan or blazer and swap those stilettos for a pair of flats, and wear the heck out of that fancy schmancy dress!

The only garments that give me pause are those that would restrict some necessary activity. If voluminous sleeves are going to pose a safety problem, it is probably best to go without. Or if I will be unable to walk up a flight of stairs with a cup of tea or stack of files (something I have to do about 20 times a day) I will definitely think about saving that outfit for another occasion.

Ceil Chapman Cocktail Dress

That being said, there are only two or three self-made projects that would be too over the top to wear on a daily basis. And it might be fun to throw one on, just for kicks!

If you have a formal dress that you absolutely love but never wear, think about making another version in a more down to earth fabric choice. Something made of cotton can certainly be worn everyday, right?

convertible clothing
Quilting Cotton Goes Glam (or not!)

This outfit is made of quilting cotton and was meant to look rather dressy. However, by removing the over-skirt and adding a sweater, the look becomes decidedly more casual (by my standards, at least!).

So I put this challenge to you . . . pull out that dress/skirt/pair of slacks that you think are way too formal for everyday wear. I promise you will stand a little taller and smile a little broader when you wear your Frosting, and inspire others to play dress up!

skirt suit
Film Noir

Let them wear Frosting, I say!


13 thoughts on “You say Frosting, I say Cake

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  3. I’ve noticed lately how many things I’ve bought because they were “practical”– and they rarely get worn! On the other hand, everything I make for myself (sewing and knitting) is something really special. Here’s to more frosting!

    • Too true! I’ve done the same thing, then turned around months later & asked myself why I wasted that money. I think when we buy or make things because we think we ought to be wearing them when really we’re not all that interested, it goes sideways & the things never see the light of day.

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    • I definitely understand that. If you’re going to spend your time sewing, you want to know that it’s going to be on something you love. Although, there are a few plain shirts I’ve made that I love.

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