Redefining Frosting & Cake

By now most of us are familiar with the definitions of frosting & cake. Frosting is the fun, bright stuff you make that doesn’t match with much. Sewing cake means sewing basics, often simple & classic shapes in solid colors.

I have a problem with this definition. Actual, edible cake is not an everyday thing- although what kid hasn’t wished that it were! Cake is a treat. It does not imply a boring basic. For me, cake is something that’s more practical while still being special in some way. Cake is less likely to give you a fashion tooth ache than frosting, and by that I mean a headache because you can’t match up anything you own. This idea of cake is in line with my definition of a foundation garment, something that goes beyond a basic in its fabric, cut, or color.

If cake is a special basic, then the mere act of sewing can make a plain garment special. How many of us cherish the things we make simply because we made them? The most plain & poorly constructed t-shirt can be a accomplishment & so it becomes cake. Also, because we sew our own garments we can easily customize them. Wanting to make really unique things can mean going so far as to make something that stands out even in our own closets. Frosting is born.

But that’s just it, frosting stands out in our ownclosets. What’s frosting for one person is not for another. One woman’s frosting, another’s cake. One woman’s crazy quilting cotton dress, another’s everyday dress.

For me, this is a basic, everyday dress. For others it might be pure frosting, never to be worn except on special occasions.

When you’re picking things to wear during Frosting Fortnight, choose based upon your own closet. Maybe for you it’s all vintage dresses. Or maybe it’s the really sexy stuff you no longer wear because you don’t have time to go out a lot. It could even be basic things that spend too much time collecting dust because you’ve changed jobs. It’s your closet. If it doesn’t fit in your everyday life, whatever that may be, then it’s frosting. So tell me, what’s frosting for you?

Come join me & Steph for Frosting Fortnight & celebrate it your way! Don’t forget to join the Flickr group too. We’ve got some exciting posts coming up & some really great guest bloggers.


19 thoughts on “Redefining Frosting & Cake

  1. I wonder if the definition of cake as basic and boring is old enough to mean the same thing as when Marie Antoinette said “Let them eat cake”… Back then it meant a nice loaf of white bread!

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  3. Love it – couldn’t agree more. I think it should be bread and cake….bread is a staple, cake is a treat…you wouldn’t eat cake for breakfast, oh ok, I would but then I’m a crazy lady who wears crazy quilting cotton dresses 😉 I get excited about cake, cake shouldn’t be the boring staple (sorry solid colour, sensible fabric people, I’m only teasing).

    • Growing up I’d eat cake for breakfast the whole week after my birthday. I think once I even had three cakes. That was the only time I couldn’t finish it all! But yes, edible cake & quilting print dresses should be everyday things!

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  5. I have a lot of frosting. Pretty much every item has something special about it, gorgeous color, print, amazing texture. I used to get s lot of “basics”, and guess what? I hardly ever wore them, because they didn’t thrill me. Here’s to more frosting!

    • You’re welcome! There’s too much variety in the world to lob everyone into one category, especially when you’re talking outside of the sciences.

  6. Perfect! I have frosting in my closet that needs attention. My sweet pink velvet pants have been too loose for two years and darn it, they are going to get back in circulation.
    This is a really great time for this challenge as I’m switching over summer clothes for the warmer winter ones. I’m getting better at putting outfits together, some days are definitely better than others. We’ll see what happens.

    • This is the perfect time to bring out those things. Looking forward to seeing your pictures during FF!

  7. I’m not sure what either my frosting or my cake are right now! I am re-working all my recipes!! My cakes were boring and blah, adding some flavor and filling. And too be honest I am not much of a frosting person, in baking or sewing! Frosting has to be very special and used with care.

    • 🙂 Mmmm, baked goods! I recently had a fantabulous chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting. Also, we’re encouraging people to not just get out their frosting, but also the things they haven’t worn in awhile.

  8. Bras sound really difficult, but, hey, I love the slip I made for myself. The straps aren’t adjustable, since they don’t need to be! They were made to fit & they don’t match because my shoulders don’t.
    Wow, this could be a serious challenge! Could I make it through this Fortnight wearing something every day that I’ve made? Maybe if I include sweaters. 🙂

    • I bet you could make it, although we’re not shaking an iron fist & demanding that everyone who participates does so every day. I’m hoping to work in some of my knits too. The ones that I patterned as I knitted along with absolutely no plan haven’t seen the light of day for quite some time. And for good reason too!

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