Frosting Fortnight!

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you a special announcement.


From Thursday October 18th to Wednesday October 31st, 3HoursPast & Disparate Disciplines will be bringing you Frosting Fortnight!
This two week, whirlwind extravaganza will showcase some of the best sewing the internet has to offer. Frivolous frocks & fripperies will abound, some of your favorite bloggers will make special guest appearances, circle skirts will make flying leaps across tall buildings, tiny tutorials will terrify you, & yes there will even be plenty of cake for all.
Frosting Fortnight, sewing
Check back for more news & don’t forget to tune in to 3HoursPast & DisparateDisciplines starting Thursday October 18.

11 thoughts on “Frosting Fortnight!

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  3. That sounds like a great idea! I will be happily looking at the way you incorporate frosting in your everyday wear; though I won’t participate because I don’t own frosting. Who knows I might start sewing frosting after that 😀

    • It’s not just for frosting, but also for the neglected garments you’ve made. Trust me, plain t-shirts are very welcome!

  4. I’m so in….now to work out how to combine frosting with ‘everyday wardrobe’ as nearly all my stuff is frosting.

    • You should! It will be lots of fun. And we’re not requiring that people do it every day.

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