My Foundation Garment Challenge Plan

I’m very excited about my Foundation Garment Challenge & have already gotten started on it!

Since I won’t have time to make everything I’d like to this fall, I will focus on three foundations garments to solve my most pressing wardrobe problems. Why three? Three is a lucky number in Chinese & it’s a manageable number, given the rest of my work/life schedule.

I’ve been fantasizing about having a nice jacket & have mentioned this one more than a few times, Issey Miyake Vogue 1186. 

In a previous post I mentioned the expected versatility of this fabric as a camisole. I also want it because I’m tired of my single color camis & have been craving something fresh. The only hiccup is I don’t yet have a pattern in mind. I may draft one. Do you have any ideas?

My work cardigans are boring, bland & ughghghghh. I like this one by Cookie A as a replacement for my snooze-inducing work ones & as a good all-around wardrobe anchor. Plus I’m thinking of making it in a bold orange, an new color for me. 


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