Stash Management

I’ve had my clothing organized for years. Look, color coordinated! Not just that, but also organized by sleeve length, with spaghetti straps first & progressing to long sleeves. OCD much? You should see my book shelves.

My closet, organized by color & garment type.

If I’ve been so well organized with my clothing, why not with my supplies? Previously, I’ve kept them in boxes. Right now I’m thinking things should be organized by color & type of fabric. Say, knits with knits, linings with linings & printed cottons with printed cottons. Ditto for yarn. Moving is the perfect time to stir things up & get organized.

What I’m afraid of is the size of my stash. Here’s the lovely (needs a bad re-paint job after moving) console/chest of drawers/not sure exactly what it’s called (which is ironic considering I minored in architecture & design history- guess I didn’t study much furniture!) thing I have to work with. In absence of a real name, my boyfriend & I have been calling it the blue thing. We similarly have a piece of furniture named the green thing.

The blue thing, which in real life is a pretty shade of teal. Soon to be the home for my fabric stash. Oh moving clutter can look so embarrassing!

I have boxes & boxes of fabric. I’ve been too chicken to count how many & have been feeding myself the excuse that it would take too long to walk through our little one bedroom apartment to figure out where they all are. I know I have at least six, varying in size from tiny to pretty large. Why is it we sometimes don’t want to admit just how bad we’ve been with how much we buy? I’ve also got a few boxes of yarn. I absolutely know that all my yarn & fabric won’t fit into that one little (actually fairly big) blue piece of furniture. So it’s going to be just for fabric. But where do I put my yarn? And what do I do with the fabric that doesn’t fit into the blue thing?

Ideas would be very welcome.

The funny thing is, while I can’t tell you how many boxes of fabric I have, I can give you a really good estimate of how many different types of fabric I have. I love Bento. It’s an app for Mac devices that lets you inventory things & do a whole bunch of other stuff. I have almost my entire fabric stash listed in there, with details on width, yardage, cost, where I bought it, projects I’m going to use it for, etc. While I might know that I have 137 different fabrics categorized in Bento (including ones that have been completely used up for prior projects), I don’t entirely know just how physically big this is. All I can see is that number, climbing steadily higher to 200. I’ve got my notions catalogued too. So you see, it’s ridiculous that I don’t have my stash physically catalogued when I already have it electronically done. With all this cataloguing I should have a been a librarian.

In case you’ve been considering stash reorganization, here are some links to great ideas other people have had.

How do you organize your stash? Care to share any tips?


8 thoughts on “Stash Management

  1. All my closets are ROYGBIV followed by white and black…same for fabrics…creepy but it works. Try it for shelves of food in the freezer or pantry…reds and browns,greens and yellow, whites just plain works once the family learns the system.

  2. Wow you’re definitely more organised than me! Although in my defence i don’t have the room to organise my creations like that… I do keep it all folded up in a box though.

    • Oh you can organize a box too. I’ve got my patterns in a DVD storage box & folded bits of paper sticking up that separate out the dresses from the skirts, etc. But I really wanted to say, I love the name of your blog! Penguins are my favorite animal.

      • Ooh that does seem like a good idea! I think i might have to go on a big sorting spree 🙂 Thank you 😀 Penguins are adorable and just generally awesome 😀

  3. An idea for fabric that doesn’t fit in your “blue thing”: swap with me for some of the patterns I have listed 🙂 no pressure, I’m just sayin, it’s an idea 🙂

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