Make It Monday’s Cloche

I’m late! I actually finished this about 1/2hr after midnight CST. I was so busy talking with an old friend I didn’t pick up the project for the final touches until it was pretty late. But it’s done!

I tried to finish a 1912 dress, but I kept having to redo this one part over & over. A lace sash on a pretty large weave silk. It was a bit of a nightmare. Pin, pin, pin, sew, sew, sew. Damn! Crooked again! Neither machine basting nor hand basting helped!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over while expecting a different outcome. Once I realized I was off my rocker I decided to try & finish a small project.

Hah! I was still lacking sanity.

Years ago I knit a hat & mittens. Then I lost them. They were my favorite! A beautiful & soft burgundy yarn made up as a pretty cloche with matching cuffed mittens.

Sure, you can knit a simple hat in an evening if you have a pattern. I didn’t use a pattern then & I didn’t use one now. Can you tell this isn’t going to end well?

I had to frog (rip out & re-knit) good chunks of the hat. So what was a one night project quickly became two. But I didn’t rip everything out, so as you can see the hat is a wee bit big in the crown.

This hat doesn’t quite look like my old favorite. And it’s not just nostalgia saying the old one was better, at least I think it’s not. It fit much closer to my head & had more streamlined curves. The one thing this new hat has that’s better is a bit of alpaca wool- it’s so soft! Such a pleasure to feel moving through your fingers as you knit.

Three weeks in a row of knitting projects & I’m having fun, but missing sewing. Here’s hoping my move goes quickly & as painlessly as possible so I can get back to sewn garment construction!


6 thoughts on “Make It Monday’s Cloche

  1. I love this hat! I made one in pale blue and another in a bright blue, also alpaca, lined in a finer weight chestnut-colored yarn, nice for deeper chills than we get here.

  2. I was just thinking that it is finally cooling off enough to get my crochet hooks out:-) I don’t like to crochet in the summer. It is definitely a cool weather hobby for me!

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