More Disparately Dorky Links

An explosion of links! I’ve been seeing & reading so many good things lately I just had to include them all, from beaded hamburgers, 500 year old bras, & cardboard bicycles to functional Lego looms. I hope you enjoy.

The beginning of a new pair of socks.

Sometimes browsing the Internet can be like getting sucked down a rabbit hole.


6 thoughts on “More Disparately Dorky Links

  1. Is that going to be a right/left specific sock? I’m really interested in those! I have clearly R & L feet! How important do you think it is to start with a pair of identical socks? Haven’t made any yet…

    • Luckily my feet aren’t too different from eachother- one’s just slightly bigger. I would say it’s not too important to start with identical socks. I imagine the toe in the picture, the moccasin aka square toe, would be pretty easy to adapt to your feet. Every other round you add four new stitches- you could easily shift them to one side, add more, or add fewer. Toe up socks might be the way to go since you could easily knit & frog variations without worrying about messing up your almost complete sock. Or, if you really wanted to do cuff down socks you could make separate toes & graft them onto the foot of the sock. If you’ve got heel issues you should check out Cat Bordhi & her new sweet tomato heel. I haven’t tried it yet, but have heard great things about the way it fits & it’s easily customizable depending on the size of your heel. Cat has a free video of the method on her website. The more I get into sock knitting the more surprised I am at all the different ways to make socks- pyramid heels, naive gussets, swirl toes. I’m sure there’s a method out there that can really help you.

      • I’m looking forward to this! My big toes are clearly the leaders, not the middle two, so I’m interested in doing that. 🙂 It may not be worth the effort, but I’m wondering. Heels are another thing- some seem so boxy and a little bit ugly, but maybe they wear a lot longer? I don’t wear wooden shoes and some seemed designed for heavy abuse. 🙂

        • I’m half way up the foot now & the moccasin toe seems to be shaping around my toes better than the short row toe (although I found the short row toe easier & faster to make, but that could just be me). I think the boxy heel you’re talking about might be the one that uses a gusset & heel flap. It can last longer, but it’s really difficult to replace if you’re trying to darn your socks. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were originally designed for wooden shoes! 🙂 What surprises me most about it is that it beefs up the back of the heel but not the bottom. The short row heel is the one most like those you see on commercially made socks, so you might like the look of that one better. Not to be a pusher (especially as I’m not being paid to), but is having a sale. One of their sock knitting (toe up) courses is only $15. It’s taught by Donna Druchunas- I really enjoyed her other toe up sock making course they offer. It’s made me addicted to sock knitting! If you get the course you could ask Donna herself & even post a picture of your feet. She’s been knitting for years & has made a lot of different sock patterns, so I’m sure she’d have some good advice for you. Other students in the course might be able to share their advice too.

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