Make It Monday: my first pair of socks

Seaweed Socks

Years ago I made a single sock. I’ve been using it as a camera case.

Recently I purchased the Toe Up Sock Knitting class from Craftsy. It was the perfect kick in the butt to get me to finish a pair- & it was fun! Surprisingly, the pair took less than a week to finish.

I used short rows for making the toe & the heel, which turned out to be pretty easy. For the foot & leg I used the seaweed stitch pattern, for which there was an accompanying pattern for a whole sock. I didn’t really look at the sock pattern, so my stitches probably aren’t as perfectly centered, but I’m still pleased with the outcome. The purpose of the course wasn’t to follow a pattern anyways- it was to learn the basics of toe up sock construction so you can design your own. With that in mind I didn’t add a regular ribbed cuff & instead added a single row of crochet mesh stitches. Although the crocheted stitches are a bit too tight to see the holes.

A short row toe.

I think this might be the fourth lime green thing I’ve made this year, but the colors seemed perfect for a stitch called seaweed- a few shades of green, hints of yellow & brown.

All this knitting has been a lot of fun & I’m itching to do more. However, I’m really missing sewing. My sewing area is in shambles though because of moving. Thank goodness knitting is portable enough that I don’t have to be tacked down to a specific area or machine.

I think my next sock will have to use a moccasin toe. It’s so great that just one course can teach me three different methods each for toe & heel construction. I’ll be busy sock knitting for awhile.


5 thoughts on “Make It Monday: my first pair of socks

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  2. I love the shin pattern! We have a Black Sheep Festival here and I got a couple of sock books there in June, haven’t made socks before. 🙂 I like the nudge, looking for a slot to open up, not likely in an election season, but I always have a knitting bag with me. 🙂 Good luck moving and finding a nice sewing space.

    • Thanks! Any fiber festival with a name like that sounds like it’s guaranteed to be fun. The great thing about sock knitting is that it seems to be fairly easy to fit into a busy schedule- its just a bunch of basic round knitting. The only daunting parts were the toe & turning the heel, which turned out to be pretty easy. If you’re looking for another nudge to get started I’d sign up for Craftsy’s free Short Row Knitting course. It walks you through making short rows without having to buy a course, so you can make a shin similar to mine. I’ve kind of become addicted to their teaching model. When you get to the joining part of your short rows just end with no less than six stitches on the needle. Good luck on starting your socks, but be careful- it can be addicting! Oh- I’ve also found the e-magazine Sockupied from Interweave Press to be especially motivating, with pretty patterns, tips & videos demonstrating techniques.

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