Make It Monday: UFO Knit Sweater

I’m moving at the end of the month! My landlord is actually a slumlord so I’m really excited to get the hell out of here. This might mean I skip a Make It Monday towards the end of the month or beginning of September. Any takers for guest blogging?

I’m going to focus on finishing UFO’s, unfinished objects, between now and the move. Hopefully they’ll be faster since they’re already partially done. Plus, it will be very nice to clear out at least some of my projects queue.

This week I worked on finishing a sweater I started over a year ago. Hardly appropriate summer garb, but it should come in handy this winter.  I was taken over by an uncontrollable urge to knit. It happens.

The pattern is my own & it’s very basic. Garter stitch on top with a 2×2 rib for the body. The bottom consists of random stranded combinations of the two yarns I used.

The solid brown yarn is a heavier, sturdier, & coarser wool. I can’t remember what’s in the variegated yarn, but when I got it I remember oohing, ahhhing & sighing over the luxury fiber that had been spun with the merino wool. While the color of the two yarns go perfectly together- they share the almost completely exact same shade of brown- their textures contrast each other.

I’m looking forward to wearing this warmer-than-it-looks sweater this winter.  I’ve never been good at starting or finishing a seasonal clothing project ahead of time. It’s nice to have done so for once.

Also, I haven’t forgotten about my 1912 modern top post. I got caught up learning how to knit toe up socks! So much fun. Actual making should come before blogging, but I swear I’ll get that pattern modification review out soon.


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