Make It Monday Sketchbook

This week I finally made something I've been meaning to do for a few months- I finished a new sketchbook.

The book was bound using silk thread & a Coptic stitch, which allows the book to lay flat when opened.

Last year, around the time someone who was like a father to me died I was also in need of a new sketchbook. When I made one I dedicated it to him. It's been hard to make a new one since I had so much emotionally invested in that little book.

The cover, which looks a lot like the back.

I made it of old materials. I made my new sketchbook of new materials. A new beginning with new materials that aren't rooted in the past. So, tyvek & a remnant from the veggie dirndl dress I made last week.

The inside cover on the front.

The tyvek should be more durable & easier to clean should anything spill on it & the color of it works with my veggie fabric. But, does it look like a diaper? Any suggestions for embellishments or changes to do away with the diaper look?

The inside cover on the back.



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