Make It Monday Week 12

This week I made a wrap top from the 40’s.

Isn’t this such a simple yet great idea?

For a more thorough tutorial, check out Whitney’s beautiful white top on the Freshly Given Blog.

For awhile I’ve had this great abstract voile in my stash, but hadn’t been able to figure out what to do with it- I only had a yard. This seemed like the perfect project. 

I cut my yard down to size & added snaps to the front bodice which wraps around & ties in the back. I also lined it since I was using voile & finished the neck with bias binding. Ooof- three different angles of corners & an uncooperative sewing machine made it take much longer than it should have. 

Obviously mine looks a little different from both tutorials. Perhaps shorter sleeves would have been better? I wish the neck hole were a little less wide (I didn’t realize that cutting out a rectangle with a tipped point would make the fabric shift so that it looked more lik e a regular v-neck) & that the bodice were longer. I’m not a big fan of middrift baring tops & I haven’t been since middle school, but the retro look sort of redeems it for me. Let’s be honest- the fact that I made it & love the fabric are what really redeem it for me. Plus, it’s so bloody hot out I can actually see it being both comfortable & useful.

So, I think I’ve made a beach top. Too bad I’m not a big fan of the beach. Ah well, at least it should be good for riding my bike- & hopefully I’ll find/make a highwaisted skirt that goes well with it. All the ones I currently have just don’t look right with it.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I cut my hair. This is the shortest it’s ever been (in high school it was down to the bottom of my butt) & I’m loving it. Much more summer weather friendly than the long & lanky locks I was sporting before. I gave the stylist free reign after giving him some basic guidelines & he came up with this retro/Pulp Fiction-esque look. It goes perfect with my retro wardrobe. Maybe the 1960’s frock I was wearing tipped him off as to what style to pick.


4 thoughts on “Make It Monday Week 12

  1. Love the hair cut:-) I’m going the opposite direction with mine. The wrapped turned out really nice! I adore the print. I think you could easily work this into your fall/winter wardrobe as well if you were to wear it over a fitted jumper or dress. That would mimic the high waist skirt effect. Or you could just go for a high waisted skirt;-)

    • You’re a genius! I’m definitely going to have to wear it over a dress. Seriously, thank you. I’m going to get so much more mileage out of this top now. Unfortunately, the few highwaisted skirts I have didn’t go with it. Have fun with longer hair! I feel like I wasted mine- there are so many styling things you can do when it’s long, but I just about never did.

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