Thanks Cation Designs!

Recently, Cation Designs celebrated her first blogiversary. She generously provided a free pattern for a top inspired by Downton Abbey & hosted a pattern giveaway.

I won! Commence happy Snoopy dance.

I won the second set of patterns she offered as well as a few extra goodies with a handwritten card. It was so incredibly sweet of her.

On the same day I received a package from I had been eyeing a certain hedgehog print from Lizzy House’s Outfoxed line since the fall, finally found it on sale & bought two yards despite not knowing what to make out of it. I’m a sucker for novelty prints.

How prodigious my two packages arrived on the same day! Won’t this make a cute jumper? I’m unfortunately just a few inches short of fabric. So, I’m going to find a nice purple to match the hedgehogs & will add a band of it at the bottom- pockets to match. I’m tempted to use orange as I love bright colors, but I’m worried that would distract too much from the print. Perhaps orange piping somewhere? Still too much? We’ll see.

With the wardrobe pattern I’m most looking forward to making the skirt. I really like that center pleat, but don’t have a fabric in my stash that’s calling out to me. I’ll probably save that one for fall/winter sewing. Perhaps I’ll get to use the hem binding she provided with this pattern.

Look at all the pretty lace she also gave me! Since she knows I’m in the 1912 project she thought it might come in handy. I’m not yet sure which patterns to use it with, but I’m hoping some new ones will be released soon that jump out at me. Clearly, some of this is meant to be collar lace, but I want to wait for just the right pattern.

So, go read Cation Designs’ blog. It’s great. There’s excellent sewing, good geekery & a cute cat. Thanks Cation Designs & happy anniversary!


3 thoughts on “Thanks Cation Designs!

  1. Oh wow! the hedgehog print is adorable!! I love the idea of matching another colour like the purple with it and making pockets on the jumper! Sounds like a fun project! I love novelty prints too! I just dont own many yet … only a dinosaur one! 😛

      • Oh yes quilting cottons do have a lot! So far I have been staying away from temptation really, but I am planning a trip to some markets and places good for sewing in London 🙂

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