Make It Monday Week 11

This weekend I made an outfit.

The reversible swirl skirt white side up.

I took another stab at Simplicity 2185, what I refer to as the swirl skirt. A previous attempt came out too big, so I made it a little smaller, but didn’t realize it was too tight until months later when I saw the photos from Me Made May. This time I still cut out the too large size 14, but made it a reversible skirt with two different fabrics & hoped that the extra layer would help- I also figured it was better to start too big so as to avoid to too tight look. It did help marginally. I’m still thinking of tightening up the waistline a little.

One side is a lovely to touch hemp rayon jersey in white. The only problem is it’s so thin you can see the impression from the seams on the other side of the skirt. That other side is also visibly poking down at the bottom.

The other side of the skirt is made from a equally lovely but regular rayon jersey. It’s a nice hazelnut shade of brown. I also used this fabric in the t-shirt I made for last week’s Make It Monday. While I was finishing up the skirt I realized I had another brown skirt trimmed in white. Ah well! At least that one is a woven A-line. That makes it different, right? Oh my gosh! I just realized I’ve got another brown skirt with white at the bottom- although this one has white lace at the bottom. I’ve got a problem.

The reversible swirl skirt brown side up.

Have you taken a look at the t-shirt I’m wearing? Yes, two weeks in a row with finished t-shirts! This one is from McCall’s 6288. It’s the first t-shirt, actually it’s the first top of any kind, that I’ve muslined first. I’m so glad I did! The pattern is a part of their “Next Generation” series, aka made for skinny teeny bopper bodies. I had to grade out from a 16 bust to a 12 waist & a 14 hipline to get the tight fitting look on the pattern envelope. It’s the most grading I’ve ever done. The front actually came out pretty perfectly on the first try. The back was a mess. If you’ve got t-shirt fitting problems on your backside I HIGHLY recommend this tutorial from Threads. It saved me. There was a mound of fabric wrinkled up around my waist. And now I’ve got the perfect fitting t-shirt. Sure, it took a few muslins, but it was soooo rewarding getting the fit just right. I now have a go-to pattern. Yes! I also had to take a little bit out of the sleeves- the early muslined versions was a mass of wrinkles. After doing about four different sleeve fittings I took a look at the pattern envelope & realized those sleeves were wrinkled too & I wasn’t going to get rid of them all. I don’t normally wear raglan t-shirts; I didn’t realize some of them are just supposed to look wrinkled. It’s weird I’ve made two different raglans these past two weeks.

Detail of the green trim on the scoop neck t-shirt.

P.S. Some brief half nudity in the alley was required to take these pictures of the reversible skirt . I really don’t think anyone saw me! OK, it’s a city, people live closely together. Someone probably saw me. Ah well!

Sometimes you just have to dance.

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