Garden Update

Things are growing!

My first potato seedlings in the tyvek planter I sewed.

Quite some time ago I planted a blue potato from the farmers market. Weeks went by, no sign of life (other than ants). Finally, last week, a little sprout poked its head through. Now, more & more keep popping up! Never having grown potatoes before, I was nervous about having anything actually grow. It didn’t help that I was using a farmer’s market potato & not a seed potato. I planted the whole thing; it had a few eyes on it. So my gardening friends, should I pinch off those super cute & smaller sprouts in favor of one?

My first snow peas!

This summer is also my first time growing peas of any kind! Well, I’ve got a few small & adorable snow peas growing. I’m very excited.

The first tomato blossoms of the year are growing on a mystery tomato plant.

Tomatoes! I had quite a few expired seed packs. I chucked them all into the same pot. Lo & behold, they grew! I’ve no idea what kind of tomato I’m going to get, but I’m very excited. While the plant is still small, there are tiny flowers blooming!

Now, some bad bad news. The bane of gardeners worldwide, pests! Damned aphids! All over my lovely, lovely, black cherry tomato plants. I have no picture to show you because I did not think to bring my camera into the war zone.

My first year balcony gardening I tried to pick off every bug. Fail. Then I decided that it was ok if I used natural pesticides, but I was too skimpy with adding my ingredients & too lax in my applications. Not this time. I chucked a bunch of neem oil, cayenne pepper & dish soap (what I hope are reasonably-large-yet-not-plant-harming quantities) into a bottle of water. I sprayed & sprayed my babies this evening. Tomorrow morning I’ll try & rinse some of it off so the leaves don’t get damaged in the sun. Here’s hoping this works before they get a chance to spread to my other pots- I’m gardening on even available surface & so have nowhere to move this infected pot.

In related news- & to end on a happier note- I got my first CSA share of the summer! It was very exciting & tasty. I’ve been eating well since I picked it up on Wednesday. Mmmmm, parsley. MMMMM, green garlic. Broccoli! It was a whole box full of greens. Bliss.


4 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. I’m a bit late to this, but it still might be helpful ~ spinach does bolt, it’s renowned for it. An easier alternative is chard (leafbeet), have you tried that? It comes in lovely shades of red, orange & pink too

  2. We opted to get a plot in our community garden this year. So far everything is growing well but it has been SO hot and dry here in Wisconsin:-( Hoping for some rain soon! Good luck with the aphids, they can be real pests:-p

    • I’ve always wanted to try community gardening. Best of luck with the weather. I’m just south of you, in Chicago, & it’s been crazy here too. Hot, cold, hot, cold. My spinach bolted before I could even get a leaf. It’s supposed to rain here for much of next week- I’ll try & send some your way!

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