Make It Monday: Week Ten

This week I did some serious gardening, but alas I have no pictures. That’s because I gardened in a friend’s backyard. It was a small backyard, but whew! Ripped out a bunch of old things & planted a bunch of new things. I’m sunburned.

On the sewing front, I made a t-shirt! It’s my first fully finished t-shirt. I’m very proud. A previous attempt used cheap fabric & involved some very ripply hems. No good.

Cheeky Chuck helped me make my first fully finished t-shirt.

This one came out great. Plus, I got my pin cushion in the mail from the pin cushion swap. It’s a cute little rooster my swap mate named Cheeky Chuck. Chuck helped me make this shirt. I think the two of us did a good job!

On the cooking front, I tackled another thing I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. Ice cream. Some time ago I inherited my sister’s old ice cream maker. There was a reason she stopped using it. Disaster, every time. This time, I used a recipe that didn’t need an ice cream maker. It’s a pretty easy recipe & I’d recommend it to those of you who, like me, can’t or don’t eat dairy. The only thing is that the banana was a little stronger than I would have liked & the ice cream did have a slightly slimy texture, like bananas do. But, if conventional ice cream isn’t an option & it’s a sweltering 90F out (like it’s been this entire weekend), it’s well worth it. 

Slice & freeze two bananas & 1/2c berries (I used a little bit more than that). Then, blend them in a food processor. Place in the freezer for another 30 min & enjoy. Easy peasy. Just don’t over stuff your food processor like I did. Next time I’m going to try & replace the banana with melon, maybe a nice honeydew. Mmmmm.

And check out the original recipe. This woman is seriously enthusiastic.


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