Make It Monday- Two Months On

Two months on & I’m feeling pretty good about this project. It’s helped me maintain momentum with making things while making me feel better about the things I’ve created. Also, it’s really helped me improve my sewing skills & has gotten me back to doing some of the things I used to love (like making yogurt).

This week it helped me get back to making a dish I used to love: Thai Style Fried Rice (Quinoa). I was sick sometime ago & couldn’t eat anything too sweet, such as pineapple, which is one of the main ingredients. While I’ve been able to eat sugar for awhile now I just haven’t tried my hand at this dish again.

I am glad I made it. I even did it twice this week: once with rice & once with quinoa. Tasties! And I especially feel more accomplished considering I didn’t use a recipe but got it spot on.

That was the theme for this week: direction loose & pattern free.

Gussets! Gussets, gussets, gussets, sweet sweet gussets!

Coupling is an old show from the BBC that’s kind of like Friends, but funnier. My favorite character is Jeff, a sex-starved & obsessed man who has an unfortunate habit of saying whatever he’s thinking. In one episode he lists the words that make him think of sex. His list includes ‘gussets’. Like Jeff, gussets get me excited, except about sewing & not sex.

Why all the excitement about gussets? I sewed my first one ever & didn’t use a pattern or tutorial. Yeah, I’m feeling pretty hubristic.

Crotch shot: my first gusset

I’ve been wanting to make some bike pants for a few months, but have been too busy with other sewing projects. I used the leggings block from I’m not sure if I measured wrong, but the leggings were just too tight around the hips & too loose in the legs. So I looked at a pair of old yoga pants to see how the gusset was used, made a pattern freehand, inserted it & the pants fit like magic (alright, I did have to make some alterations after that).

It’s been a long time since I’ve improvised a sewing pattern & this one went very well. Hopefully, it will help give me the boost I need to start making my own patterns again- unless I get too distracted by the many commercial patterns I’ve been wanting to try out.

There were a few more projects did not require commercial patterns either.

My boyfriend used to have bleach blonde dreadlocks. They went scarily well with a old Bob Marley t-shirt of his- sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between the shirt & his hair. But then I cut off his dreads & this tattered old shirt just looked silly. So I made it into a bag. I didn’t expect it to be so large, but it does work well for groceries.

Finally, & very excitingly, tyvek planters. Oh yes, tyvek.

Unfilled tyvek potato bag with pockets on the sides.

Tyvek is supposed to be free of bpa & phthalates as well as safe for food & medical equipment. It holds liquids, but is breathable.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make an easy & safe potato pot. As potato plants grow you’re supposed to mound dirt up around the plant. A custom-made wooden box would be too complicated. Old tires would be hard to get ahold of & I don’t know if they’re non-toxic. A tyvek bag seems perfect.

I filled the bag about a 1/3 full of dirt & sowed my farmers’ market blue potato. I folded the sides of the bag down & will unfold them up as my plant grows & I shovel in more dirt.

Tyvek potato bag with pistachio shells & buckwheat hulls for mulch.

I got my tyvek from a case of tyvek lab coats. Last fall I needed a lab coat for one of my classes & found that a case of tyveks was cheaper than a cloth lab coat. The coats came with pockets, which I kept on the outside of the potato bag. Once I get enough soil in to unfold the bag, I’ll be able to plant small plants in the pockets.

This is my first time growing potatoes & I’m anxious to have them come out well. Any tips from you seasoned gardeners?

Oops, almost forgot. I finished another dress. I guess I did do something from a pattern this week: McCall’s 5094.

I started it weeks ago but was waiting for zippers to go on sale. I think I’ve got a minor obsession with polka dots this year. This is the third thing I’ve made from a polka dotted fabric since this spring.

Huzzah! I think this has been my most productive week so far. It’s amazing what you can do when your stress levels drop!


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