My First Radish

I love how radishes seem so unassuming & like they should be mild, but when you bite into them you can get a spicy shock.

Despite my love of radishes I’ve never grown them before. But yesterday I got a treat: I picked my very first radish from my garden. It was a tasty little thing with a mild zing.

Half of it I ate raw & the other half I added to a veggie saute that used the radish greens as well as some of the hardier lettuce from my garden. A little bit of toasted sesame seed oil, a little bit of balsamic vinegar. The recipe has potential, but I need to experiment with the ratios more.

I decided the radish was ready to be picked because the top of it was poking up out of the soil, but I didn’t look this up beforehand. Is this the right time to pick a radish? Do you have any tasty radish recipes to share? I’m envisioning a little army of radishes marching across my garden. There’s a flag bearer & a trumpet player. The little radish soldiers are all clad in black boots & saluting while they march. Such large quantities call for cooking.


4 thoughts on “My First Radish

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