The Drunken Polka Dotted Princess Dress

Burda 7217 is a twist on the basic princess cut dress. The front of the bodice has princess seams as well as half of the skirt. What really attracted me was the swoopy waist that curves down & around the body. I knew that I would want to emphasize that part & I knew how I wanted to do it: polka dots.

Proudly matched up the seams on the bodice with those on the skirt- not an everyday occurance.

Hence, The Drunken Polka Dotted Princess Dress. Smaller dots on the top, larger on bottom, splashed together as if with a drunken hand that couldn’t draw a straight line.

Ideally, I’d like to make both sets of polka dots larger, but it’s really hard finding a line of fabric that offers polka dots in the same color but different sizes. Although I’ll probably always long for larger dots, I think this works well enough.

The fit is pretty good. I chose the size based on my measurements- it’s a little large but manages to be flattering. For a more fitted look I’d go down a size, for a tight wiggle dress I’d consider going down two sizes & using a fabric with some stretch to it. But I like how loose it is- from the front you can definitely tell I’ve got curves & while the sides don’t look that fitted there’s enough ease that I can eat a big meal & not feel like my dress is too tight.

Construction note: despite the pattern being well drafted overall, the front & back slits are ridiculously high. To put this in perspective, my boyfriend likes really short short shorts & skirts (which I refuse to buy because I’m not wearing that on public transit & I’m no longer in high school) but even he thought these slits were too high. They’re so high that you’re practically baring all of your cookies. So high it looks trampy & distasteful.  I really lowered the slits. The back one is less than a quarter of the length of what it originally was & it feels incredibly modest. The front one I feel is still a little too high for comfort.

Looking over the pond at the Lincoln Park Zoo with the Hancock building in the distance.

Also, this was my first time doing a side zip & it was way easier than I thought it’d be. Isn’t that always the case when it comes to a new technique you’ve been afraid to try?

Interesting pattern- princess seam with a bust dart on the center piece.
My first side zipper & first lining attached so you can’t see any stitch marks.

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