Make It Monday- A Sigh of Relief

Finals are over. Whew! So I got busy. I made a dress I’ve been dying to make for awhile & a quick skirt.

Introducing: the “Drunken Polka Dotted Princess Dress” & the “Superhero Circus Skirt”.

Smaller dots on the top, larger on bottom, splashed together as if with a drunken hand that couldn’t draw a straight line. More detailed info on the dress in a post soon to come.

A simple dirndlAs for the skirt, it’s an easy dirndl with an elastic waistband. I hemmed the skirt with bias tape that’s sewn down with a decorative star stitch. I call it a superhero skirt because it goes perfectly with a purple belt I’ve got that looks like it belongs to a superhero costume. Unfortunately, it was too dark last night (when I finished it) to get a picture with good lighting, so the belt is a little lost in the picture.

The fabric is one I’ve been eying for about a year, but just couldn’t bring myself to buy- sometimes it’s hard to justify spending money on novelty fabric that will have a limited life. But at half off, getting a fun & childish circus print seemed worth it. Sometimes you’ve just got to be silly.

It felt good to get back to sewing this week. It feels even better to have finals over.

What did you make this week? Anything fun & frivolous like my Superhero Circus Skirt? Or something sensibly fun like my Drunken Polka Dotted Princess Dress?



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