Make It Mondays- One Month On

It’s Make It Mondays’ one month birthday! Like a new parent I will keep track of these unofficial holidays.

But unlike a new parent, I don’t have too much to say after one month. After all, the project can’t smile at me. But I can say that it has made me feel a little better. I’m generally feeling more motivated to make things & I’m noticing what I make.

Before, if I finally cooked something I had been dying to try for months or if I had worked in the garden, I would be happy at the time but not view it as an accomplishment. Instead, I would think of it as my lazy butt finally getting around to something I had meant to do sooner.

Sure, these things are not accomplishments in the same way that graduating from school or having a baby is an accomplishment, but small things count too. It’s like in a relationship: small things keep building up & if they go unaddressed it can create problems in a big way. If you don’t acknowledge that these little things you’re doing are accomplishments you end up feeling completely unproductive & like you’ve wasted your time. Instead, I can look back on the month & say “Hey, I did stuff! I was not a lump who just sat in bed eating ice cream with cookies & watching Netflix!” See, it’s much more satisfying & closer to reality. Because even though I did my fair share of Netflix watching, I cut back. I’m on my way to doing things that actually make me happy (a little bit of Netflix makes for a happy Mari, a lot of Netflix generally indicates a sad Mari).

It can be hard getting yourself out of a depressive funk & I feel like Make It Mondays are helping me do just that. Alleviating this depression is a big reason why I started Make It Mondays. But I realize I’ve never told you why I’m depressed. In less than a year I’ve lost three people I care about. On top of that my grandma is dying. Plus there’s the whole stress that most people have in regards to school & work because of how the economy & job market have been. It’s hard to feel stable & grounded when your income is in flux & when you constantly have people dying on you. That can make it hard to do things that you love, such as making things. Hence the whole Netflix instead of crafting. Make It Mondays have helped me replace escapist & mind-numbing activities with productive & mind stimulating ones.

I guess I did have a lot to say after all.

So, what did I do this week? I was stuck in that bad cycle of I want to be making things but I have so much studying to do. Many of you are probably familiar with this- nothing much of  either gets done. But I did manage to make a gluten-free & vegan deep dish pizza (sorry no pictures) that tasted awesome. I also got a good amount of gardening done.

I’m on my way to making a successful garden. I planted starters for Honey Melon Sage (which is amazing & an herb everyone should have) & collard greens. I sowed seeds for nasturtiums, calendula, basil, tomatillos, stupice tomatoes, okra, black eyed peas, bell peppers, oregano, and I think I may be forgetting something else.

All of these new seeds were sown indoors. All of my previous seeds were sown outside. Last year saw disastrous indoor seed starting, which is why this year has been all outdoors. However, the weather turned from warm & in the 80’s to cold & in the 40’s. Hopefully these indoor seeds will actually turn out OK & can replace any that failed outside.

You can’t see it that well (cloudy morning light), but some of those seeds are in paper towel rolls. Last year I saw online that some people would cut up paper towel tubes or use toilet paper tubes for their seed starting. It’s cheap & they’re biodegradable so you can plant the whole thing in the ground without disturbing the seedling’s roots.

Fingers crossed these new seedling grow well! Last year was the year of moldy paper rot pots. I’m hoping to not repeat that. Any tips on keep moisture high enough for the seeds but not so high as to encourage mold would be greatly appreciated.


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