Me-Made-May ’12

I, Mari of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear at least one self-made article of clothing each day for the duration of May 2012. I may wear certain articles of clothing (such as outerwear) multiple times. However, these things will only count once. I also pledge to make enough new articles of clothing so that I may finish out the entire month.

Zoe over at ‘So Zo.. What do you know?’ is hosting a month-long challenge in which people wear clothing that they’ve made of upcycled themselves. Read the official challenge guidelines here.

I hope to expand my wardrobe so that I may get rid of things. I’ve talked about this before, but it pretty much boils down to filling my wardrobe with things I love & will wear on a daily basis so I can get rid of things I don’t wear (like t-shirts that have been haunting my closet for years even though I never wear them).

I’ve tried sewing as much in advance as possible, but have been overwhelmed by life things to be as far along as I’d like. So I’ll have to step up my sewing in May in order to successfully complete the challenge. Except, I’ve got finals going into the second week of May. This is supposed to be a challenge, right?

To help me get a handle on things- because I only think I can be successful if I plan this out- here’s a list of the things I’ve sewn for myself (dance costumes not included). Although I may be forgetting a few things.

Skirts: 16

Tops: 5

Dresses: 5

Pants: 1

Outerwear: 3

Petticoats: 1

I’ve also knitted or crocheted more than half a dozen tops, sweaters, wraps, scarves, & cowls. These will act as my back up plan. I tend to not wear them too often & this challenge is about expanding my daily wardrobe.

As you can see from my stats (I’ve never seen them laid out like this before), I’ve sewn a bunch of skirts. Wowzers. I hadn’t realized. Why does it seem like my closet is always bare of the things I’ve sewn? It must be my aversion to doing laundry. Yup, that must be it. See, I was right! I do need to get rid of that junk that just hangs in my closet like a leech that sucks the fashion inspiration out of me. All the good stuff lies in the hamper while I stare into my luxuriously large walk-in & whine about not having anything to wear.

New, added goal: do laundry on a regular basis! That process should probably be started before May 1.

Also, make more tops & dresses. Dresses are one-stop-closet-shopping. But it’s harder to wear all those skirts when there are only a few tops to go with them. And really, it’s not acceptable to show up to work in only a bra & skirt. Maybe I should consider a job where I can work at home…


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