The Inaugural Post For Make It Mondays

My new goal is to make something every week & to celebrate it on Mondays. Learn about this project & read the rules so you can submit your own creations.

This past week has been full of making things.

I’ve made a hoodie that I love.

An ironic hoodie: sewn from machine knit fabric & edged with ribbon depicting diagrams teaching hand knitting.

I also made a skirt that was mostly finished weeks ago, but which I finally made into a more wearable state.

The 1912 #200 Skirt with Scallops

And I’ve come up with a recipe for gomen that I’m extremely proud of.

Gomen, an Ethiopian dish, usually made from colard greens, but here made from kale

I also made an addition to the brown pencil skirt I blogged about the other week, but I don’t have any pictures of that.

I’ll post more details for later, including how well the patterns made up & the kale gomen recipe. For now though, I’m enjoying the fact that I accomplished so much for myself. You know, personal time/projects outside of the everyday demands.


UPDATE! My first Make It Monday participant.

Full disclosure, it’s my boyfriend. His name is Quincy & he’s studying experimental sound. This weekend he was recording himself playing guitar while I was sewing. We also happened to be talking about a trip we took last summer to New Orleans, specifically the night we danced our way into a club on Bourbon St. The piece is called “Both our work intruding” & you can listen to it here.


Domesticnews has joined us! Yesterday she made a pretty Easter braided bread with currants. For more info & to see her fantastic sewing creations, check out her blog.

Easter braided bread with currants by Domesticnews

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