Make It Mondays

I’m not happy unless I’m making things. But, my life is usually really busy to the point where I can’t- either I don’t have the time, I’m too tired, etc. You probably know what it’s like.

So, I’m instituting ”Make It Mondays”. Mondays are so dreary- you have to drag your butt up out of bed bright & early, stuff your bleary head through some clothing, commute to work & then try to be awake enough to not mess up or move too slowly to the point where you’re caught. Can you tell I’m not a morning person?

But the worst thing about Monday’s is that the rest of the week just yawns before you. Five whole days. For many of us that means five whole days in an office. Five whole days not doing what you love. Five whole days giving your life to what’s probably a thankless job & boss.

I think making things is marvelous. When I go to work wearing something I’ve made, I feel proud. I get to walk around the whole day with a secret smile, knowing that I made something that’s useful, pretty & golly it was fun to create. It’s a great confidence boost.

Every Monday, for as long as I can, I’m going to use something I’ve made. For now, that will probably be a sewing project. You will probably see some knitting & crocheting appear as well- hopefully this will help me get back into chocolate making too.

Sometimes it’s easiest to meet a deadline when you’ve got friends along for the ride. Please join me! Tell me what you’ve made & I’ll post it here on this blog.

1. It can be anything you’ve made. Made a crafts project (any of the fiber arts, hardware hacking, hot gluing a million pieces of macaroni, or anything else you can think of)? Let’s hear about it. Have you been dying to learn how to cook? I want to know about all the flops & tasties you’ve made as you learn. Need something simple & seemingly boring like a folder? I want to see you using it proudly. Planted or harvested your garden? I want to be jealous of your prize-winning plants. Made some art? Let’s see it. Have you finished writing something? I want to read it. You get the drift, anything goes. Just make something.

2. Your project can be completed on any day. Wait isn’t this about Mondays? It’s about feeling good on Mondays. Chances are you probably finished it over the weekend. Well, let Monday be the first day you use your project. That way, the pride from having done something can carry you through the day. Think of Monday as your project’s birthday. Celebrate it that day. Go ahead & fudge a little- you finished that brand new sweater Thursday night & you wore it proudly all day Friday. Well, wear it again Monday! The point is to remind yourself on a dreary day of how accomplished & happy you feel for having made something.

3. It should preferably be something new, but it doesn’t have to be. Did the week kick your ass? Did you end up in a heap on the floor? Drag out an old project & use it again on Monday. Sure it’s not a new accomplishment, but being reminded of something you accomplished can help you feel better & might galvanize you to make something new again.

4. It has to be something concrete. You can’t just say, oh I made it out of bed early today! You also can’t just say, I came up with this really cool idea. Let’s see the idea. You can post it if you show us you plan, i.e. writing &/or pictures diagramming your vision.

5. Monday is the deadline. That’s the day by when you need to have e-mailed me. E-mail me on Tuesday 12am CST? It’ll go up on the blog next Monday. Send a picture &/or a link, your name or your internet nom de plume  & a brief description to disparatedisciplines[at]gmail[dot]com

6. Have fun & feel good about yourself.


3 thoughts on “Make It Mondays

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    • Sorry, I thought everyone would be able to see my e-mail address on the navigation bar. E-mail me a picture at disparatedisciplines[at]gmail[dot]com. Looking forward to seeing your bread. It sounds tasty!

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