Spring Planting

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. So much has been going on with school, work, life in general & the passing of a friend. I haven’t felt too motivated to post, even though I’ve been doing a fair amount of sewing therapy to de-stress.

But finally, here is the first post that will make my blog live up to its name. It’s not about sewing; it’s about gardening.

Chicago has had crazy CRAZY weather. A few snowstorms & many below-freezing days this winter, but that’s all normal. What is not normal is 70 & 80F weather in MARCH. It’s not uncommon to still have to wear a jacket in May, but here I’ve been jacketless in March. CRAZY. Yes, summer has arrived. Yesterday I even went to the beach in a new summer dress I made.I’ll post on that later though.

I have a garden on my fire escape/balcony (almost all Chicago buildings outside of the downtown area have wooden fire escapes- you think we would have learned our lesson during the Great Fire). At the end of last summer I threw a bunch of excess beet & swiss chard seeds into a pot of dirt with the expectation that there would be just enough time to get some baby greens out of them. Well, I ended up not eating all of the greens.

The miraculous thing is that one of them survived our mild winter. This little baby green survived a few small snowstorms & the constant freezing & thawing that’s been going on for the past few months. I really hoped it would survive into the summer, but once the days started to hit the 60’s & 70’s the poor little thing shriveled up.

The little baby swiss chard plant that survived a Chicago winter, only to die once the weather got nice.

On Saturday the plant was still alive, although barely. I sowed some eggplant seeds around it & tried not to disturb it. I also sowed pepper, tomato, lettuce, basil & beet seeds in other containers. More will be planted once I finalize this year’s garden design. Sadly, the little plant has died since then. But I thought I’d share with you how amazing it was that a little swiss chard plant, only a few inches tall, survived a Chicago winter. Every time I saw it I smiled in amazement. I think we all need a little something to make us smile.


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