Spanx Sale- Corset Substitutes

On the Facebook page for the 1912 Project, it was mentioned that Spanx might be good to use under our garments. Victorian corsets started below the breasts & often extended past the derriere for an overall slimming & smoothing look. Tiny, cinched in waists were no longer in, but elongated & straighter figures were. Fashion-Era is a great website that gives good summaries of western fashion history. Go to their website for more info & pictures of corsets from that era.

While I’ve never tried the Spanx brand, it’s my understanding that they’re supposed to slim you down in a similar way to 1912 corsets- but without the risk of a fainting fit. is having a sale on Spanx underwear right now, with a few styles that are very similar to the 1912 corsets- they extend from under the bust & down to or past the butt. Hope this helps those of you who don’t want to make or buy a corset.


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